Converting WebM to MP4 Using Movavi Video Converter

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Although you may rarely encounter videos in the WebM format, it is actually fairly widely used nowadays – but mainly in online streaming videos. While many newer browsers support it, if you have a WebM file that you want to play it could be tricky, especially on older devices.

Instead of worrying about how to play WebM videos, things would be much easier if you convert them to MP4 instead. As you probably know MP4 is a very widely-compatible format, and so you should have no problems playing it on any device or platform. More to the point if you use Movavi Video Converter you’ll find it is really very easy to convert WebM to MP4.

In order to convert a video using Movavi Video Converter, you just need to launch the software and add your WebM video by clicking on the ‘Add Media’ button, then clicking ‘Add Video’, and selecting the video. Once the video has been added it will be listed in the software, and you can then choose the format under the ‘Video’ tab near the bottom of the interface.


Needless to say you’ll be looking for the ‘MP4’ category, which should in turn contain several presets for MP4 in different resolutions. Assuming you want the dimensions and quality of the video to be the same, you should choose the one marked ‘Original Size’ – so that the resolution of the converted video matches the original. After that you can click on the ‘Convert’ button to start converting the video.

Instead of choosing a format directly, Movavi Video Converter will also let you choose presets that are designed to optimize the video for specific devices or platforms. If you select one of these presets it will automatically use the best format and settings for that device or platform, which may be preferable in some cases.

Additionally there are numerous editing features in Movavi Video Converter that you can use to merge clips together, trim out unwanted parts, enhance the video quality, crop or rotate its frame, and much more. Because it can convert audio and image files, you could even use it to create animated GIFs from your video clips, extract and save the audio tracks, or grab screenshots of frames of video.

As you can see Movavi Video Converter will provide you with a way to easily and quickly switch your WebM files to MP4 so that they are more widely-compatible. The same applies to other video formats as well, or any other image and audio files. In fact because of the extensive features that are available, you’ll have several ways in which you could prepare your media files depending on your needs.

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