The best Xbox One games – 25 of this generation’s must-play titles

When it comes to balancing fantastic games with multimedia flexibility, there aren’t many consoles quite as good as the Xbox One. While its road to greatness alongside the ultra successful PS4 has not been smooth, Microsoft’s system has come into its own over the past four years and it’s safe to say it’s holding its own. 

Now that the original console’s chunky casing has been cast aside for the much smaller and sleeker Xbox One S, the Xbox One is a console that can sit pride of place in the centre of your living room.

Not only does this mid-generation update look better than its more boxy predecessor, it’s more powerful too. Capable of running upscaled 4K games and 4K Blu-rays it’s become something of a marvel given its incredibly reasonable price point. 

Not content to stop advancing with the Xbox One S, Microsoft has stepped the technology up again with the all new, all powerful Xbox One X. Though it looks as deceptively neat as the Xbox One S, the One X houses a whole lot of power. In fact, it’s the most powerful console in the world at the moment and it’s promising great things, including virtual reality support. 

While Microsoft is gently pushing its audience towards the crisp, sharp 4K future, it’s also throwing a supportive hand out to users of its older systems by making sure original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles are playable across every console. Many of these titles are set to receive enhancement patches of their very own on the One X.

Whether you’re playing on the original Xbox, the Xbox One S or you’ve just set up your sparkly new Xbox One X, you should make sure you enjoy the great games that are available right now. 

Given the sheer extent of Microsoft’s cross and backwards compatibility, alongside the never ending new releases, it can be hard to determine which games are most worth your time and money.

That’s where TechRadar can help. Whether you’re looking for a high-octane adventure, a thrilling racing sim or razor sharp first-person shooter, you’ll be able to find it on Xbox and if it’s worth your time we’ll point you towards it in this best-of list.

Make sure you frequently check back here as we frequently update this list to make sure you never fall behind on the latest and greatest releases. 

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