The 18 best online games you should play today

Back in the ‘90s and early 2000s, flash games were at the height of their popularity, and not without good reason. By 2018, however, the best online games get less mainstream attention, but they’re better than ever. And now that these great games are built around HTML5 instead of flash, the best online PC games are still a fantastic way to pass some free time.

From simple text-based adventures to MMORPGs that feature amazing 3D graphics, there’s a surprising variety of games to choose from. And thanks to services like, these games are more accessible than they’ve ever been. The best part? They require literally no time or money to play. Just click ‘play’.

That’s not to say you won’t run into any issues though. There are compatibility issues that you may run into. For example Chrome doesn’t support the widely used Unity engine, while Safari, Opera and Firefox do. Most of the time however, games that run on Unity will likely also be available as a Chrome web app.

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