Steam attracts an average of 1.5M new customers a month

Steam already sees as many as 14 million active users a day but, according to numbers provided by Valve, over one million new and paying customers still flock to the platform each month. 

During Casual Connect this past week, Valve shared a handful of slides detailing the digital storefront’s ever-growing customer base. The slides, made available by GeekWire, offer developers a look at the growth Steam has seen in recent years as well as a glimpse at how different regions are represented in game sales.

Valve says that Steam has pulled in 27 million new purchasers since just January 2016, for an average of nearly 1.5 million new paying customers a month.

That growth comes as Steam is gaining traction outside of the West. While roughly 60 percent of this year’s total sales so far belong to North America and Western Europe, users from Korea, China, and Japan now make up 17 percent of those sales.

Speaking at Casual Connect, Valve’s Tom Giardino attributes this international growth to Steam’s diverse game library as well as Valve’s own efforts to localize its platform and increase the number of accepted payment methods.

Giardino also credits Steam’s evolving recommendation algorithm as one of the driving factors behind the platform’s international appeal, saying that the system allows “great games [to] find their audience dynamically and automatically.”

The full assortment of slides, as well as more from Giardino himself, can be found over on GeekWire. 

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