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While there are many rooms and areas in Super Mario Odyssey with lots of coins, this specific path in the Wooded Kingdom offers tons of coins in little time. Best of all, it’s at a point that’s still rather early in the game.

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After you’ve completely cleared the Wooded Kingdom, you can find this specific path for tons of coins. Based on our tests, you’ll get approximately 269 coins per 2 minutes if you snag all the coins along this path. You’ll have well over 1,000 coins in less than 10 minutes, and if you’re really dedicated, 9,999 coins in less than an hour.

Here’s how to get started:

Warp to the Observation Deck. If you haven’t unlocked this point yet, warp to Iron Mountain Path, Station 8, climb the ramp, and make a right.

You’ll see a Steam Gardener next to a blue power button. Activate it and use the platforms to get to the top of the tower. This checkpoint is crucial. Collect the purple coins near the deck too. If you’re just now doing this, warp to the Observation Deck to reset the coins.

On the Observation Deck, collect the seethrough purple coins (or ghost coins) then capture the Glydon Glide back toward the entrance of the Secret Flower Field and land in the field. Using the Glydon makes the trip down faster.

Then in the field, capture the Coin Coffer in the northeast corner. It likes to sit on this hill:

Walk north until the Coin Coffer is out of coins, jump off it, and grab the transparent Power Moon. Then grab a seed from the Steam Gardener at the north end of the field. Walk with the seed back toward the Observation Deck, using the blue power button’s platforms to get back to the top. Jump to the highest platform of the Observation Deck, plant the seed, then ride the stalk up into the sky. At this point you should have collected around 43 coins. You’ll find the rest of your fortune in the sky.

This challenge area has a ton of coins. Capture the Uproot and hop onto the blue platform to begin. You’ll want to be careful not to fall, but do your best to get as many coins — if not all of them — as possible. If it’s your first time playing through this area, learn the room instead of focusing on getting all the coins. That way you’ll be able to complete this room much easier next time you’re here. Falling in this area sends Mario back to the Observation Deck. Collect everything you can, then fall back to the deck. If you collected every coin (excluding the transparent moons in the cloud challenge area) you’ll have added about 264 coins to Mario’s pocket.

Once you’re comfortable with it, this entire process should take you no more than two minutes, and you’ll be able to get over 1000 coins in around 8 and a half to 9 minutes.

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