Choosing a Gaming Chair for PCs and Consoles

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Any gamer knows that there is a difference between a chair that you purchase for use for playing console games vs the one you use to play PC games. Each type of seat has its own benefits, but you will not want to get one type when you need the other.

Several factors come in to play when choosing any furniture for your home, and a gaming chair is no different. Style, color, practicality and comfort are all key considerations, and thanks to the continued growth of gaming as a hobby there’s more choice than ever before.


With PC chairs more likely to resemble a traditional office chair, it’s unlikely to be a good fit for most living room décor in your home. Conversely, console gaming chairs are often closer in style to a lounge chair which isn’t ideal when you’re working at a desk.

The Gaming World Gets Taken Seriously, And So Do The Chairs

The world of gaming has finally started to be taken seriously in a lot of circles. So too are the chairs that one uses for gaming. The reason the chair is so important is because one wants to be comfortable while playing their games. Competitive gamers, in particular, know that their level of comfort can determine how well they perform at a game.


There are all kinds of types of gaming chairs. As we have already mentioned, there is a difference between a PC gaming chair and a console one. However, those categories can be broken down even further.

PC Gaming Chairs

Take the following list as a short list of some of the types of PC gaming chairs available on the market. They are not the only PC chairs out there, but this is a good sampling of what you might find.

  • Racing Seat Style Chairs
  • Full Recline Chairs
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Limited Adjustment Chairs
  • Bucket Seats
  • No Arm Chairs

Let’s discuss a couple of these from the list. Perhaps the most popular of these chairs are the racing style chairs, branded with the logo of the manufacturer. The growth in popularity of this style owes a lot to the emergence of popular streamers on YouTube and Twitch, with sponsorships offering beneficial relationships between brands and streamers. Pro players are typically sponsored by a gaming chair brand, and the top of the chair offers the perfect advertising space.


Now, maybe you are thinking that you like video games but perhaps not on a professional level. That is no problem! You can get a chair like the full recline chair to lean back and relax while you play the games that you like. It is not necessarily up to par for those who are trying to play competitively, but it is great for the casual weekend player. If that sounds like you, then use this chair to make your gaming experience that much more fun.

The racing seat style chairs are perfectly suited to those looking to play for extended periods of time. They tend to be built for comfort, have excellent lumbar support and help create an ergonomically sound environment suited to long gaming sessions. They are beginning to compete for space in the workplace with traditional office chairs, thanks to the comfort and stability they provide at a comparatively low cost.

Console Gaming Chairs

While the chairs mentioned above are all great for PC games, you might find that you are more a console player. There are chairs made specifically for your preference as well.

Consoles do not necessarily require that you have a full office chair view so to speak. It is possible to play even while sitting in a chair that may be seated on the ground. You are in luck if you are okay with playing games this way. There are plenty of console gaming chairs that one can get for cheap. They are even available at most retail stores these days. For a price tag of around fifty dollars, you can enjoy your chair to play console games.


Consoles have traditionally been played from the sofa, particularly in the early days as most people only had one TV. Now, there’s a TV in most bedrooms, meaning the sofa is no longer an option for many gamers. Console-focused gaming chairs are designed to replicate the comfort of sitting playing games on the sofa, while providing an optimised experience and high levels of comfort.
Since console games are often played among friends, it might be a good idea to snag a few of these chairs when you go to buy. At least you will have some extras when your friends come over to enjoy the games with you.

Beyond the lounger style chairs, there are a handful of other styles available. Beanbag gaming chairs are becoming increasingly popular, while rocker chairs are a staple among teenage gamers. Many also come with built-in speakers and rumble features to help with immersion.

Making The Right Choice

Obviously the right choice for you will depend on your needs and your setup. PC gamers will be naturally drawn to the office chair style, as it’s far more practical than trying to game from a recliner. Console gamers, as a result of being able to site away from a desk, have a little more variety when it comes to choosing a chair.

Thankfully, as the market grows and gaming becomes increasingly mainstream there are more and more choices available. With enough budget and space in your home you can really have the gaming setup you’ve always wanted.

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