Top 8 Best PC Gaming Accessories & Peripherals 2017 – Gamer’s Guide

Our handy list of the top 8 best PC gaming accessories 2017 was developed with the love and care necessary to ensure that you PC gamers out there are in the know about some of these awesome gadgets.

Most of us like to think of accessories and peripherals for our PC as add-ons that enhance the experience we have during play, and this usually is the case. However, we decided this week to also try and include products which don’t just add to your gaming experience, we wanted to showcase some things that can form the basis of the time you dedicate to your favourite hobby. With this in mind, we’re going to touch on everything from mouse cord holders to entire desks created for gamers.

Some of these little devices just add that little touch of convenience to your gaming setup, while others offer the opportunity to completely reimagine it for the better. Whether you’re looking for something to deal with your mouse wire that keeps dragging off of the pad or a whole new desk dedicated to providing the best play experience possible, we’ve got it on our special list at Gung-ho! Gaming. Let’s take a glance at quick overview list of the top 8 best PC gaming accessories 2017 we’ll be exploring below.

Best PC Gaming Accessories 2017

NameAccessory Type 
Sades S-xlyz Gaming Headphone CradleHeadphone Holder Check Price
ENHANCE Mouse Bungee Cord HolderWire Holder Check Price
Logitech K400 Wireless Touch KeyboardWireless Lap Keyboard Check Price
Atlantic Gaming Desk
(Editor's Pick!)
Gaming Desk Check Price
Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard
(Editor's Pick!)
Efficiency Gameboard Check Price
Microsoft Xbox One Wired ControllerUSB Gamepad Check Price
Sades SA902 Wired PC Gaming HeadsetHeadset & Microphone Check Price
Logitech 963290-0403 Pro JoystickPC Joystick Check Price

The Sades S-xlyz Gaming Headphone Cradle

Best PC Gaming Accessories 3Now, how much difference could a gaming headphone cradle make to your life and how could this possibly be one of the best PC gaming accessories of 2017? I’ll tell you why.

Like any serious player of online shooters, horror games, or even just someone who wants to be completely absorbed into the virtual world, I owned a pair of high-quality headphones. These were the over-the-ear type, similar to these, that cost me over $100 and delivered a crisp sound – I couldn’t hear anything from the outside with these baby’s on.

Anyway, it was far too easy to simply plop these headphones down on my desk when I was done. Then, all it took was one unfortunate step on the headphone wire and they came crashing down onto the floor (Money gone and wasted, just like that). Don’t let this happen to you, get an awesome looking cradle instead.

The Sades S-xlyz Gaming Headphone Cradle would definitely be my #1 choice by far for headphone accessories and this is for 4 main reasons.

Firstly, it does what it says on the tin and it does it well. Made from high-quality reinforced plastic, headphones of almost all brands – Sony, AKG, Logitech, Boss, and more – fit snugly on top for a secure fit that is unlikely to falter. Not only does this mean you’re much less likely to accidentally drop and break your expensive headphones, it also means they are protected from spillages, which let’s face it, are common on desks.

Secondly, have seen how this thing looks? Available in both black/blue and black/red combinations, this headphone cradle looks awesomely futuristic and can match the aesthetics of most high-end rigs. Measuring 27cm in height and 16cm in length, most people can find a nice space for it to sit on their desk.

Thirdly, and finally, a headphone cradle like this is a long-term investment that will pay off. Even if you don’t have a spill or accident that damages and breaks your current headphones, you will still be extending their lifetime. By protecting your headphones from minor scrapes, bumps, and any dirt that accumulates on your desk – especially your keyboard – you will get much more use out of your favourite peripheral.

This would make a great gift for almost any PC gamer out there, simply due to its many benefits, its cool visuals, and its relatively low price for what it does. With all this in mind, we think you’ll come to agree that this product has earned its place on our list of best PC gaming accessories 2017.

Order the Sades S-xlyz Gaming Headphone Cradle On Amazon

The ENHANCE Mouse Bungee Cord Holder

Best PC Gaming Accessories 7The ENHANCE mouse bungee cord holder makes our list of best PC gaming accessories 2017 for an array of different reasons which we’re going to touch on. This is something that is mainly aimed at the hardcore gamer who plays competitive online matches, particularly MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA 2. It’s also great for those who play fast-paced first-person shooters, like Counter Strike: GO and Insurgency; and here’s why.

Ever move your mouse towards you and the wire drags along the back of your desk causing a rigid feeling? The kind of rigid feeling which makes the movement feel very unsmooth and even jittery? I think we’ve all had this at one point or another and we all can agree it is frustrating at best – causing you to miss important shots or clicks. A quality mouse bungee cord holder fixes this issue and looks awesome on your desk at the same time.

The way this PC gaming accessory works is by feeding your mouse cable through, up, and over any part of your desk or setup which may have traditionally caused mouse drag. By keeping the cable suspended, it can easily and smoothly move back and forth, allowing you as much or as little cable length you need to play optimally. Many would argue that this may be “over the top” for their gaming setup – that’s what I thought – but I must say, the ENHANCE mouse bungee cord holder actually looks to be one of the most convenient little pieces of computer tech around. It even has three rubberized soles on the bottom to stop it moving anywhere, just in case you tend to go a little crazy with the mouse while you play.

You thought this product was just a simple structure to hold one teeny wire? You thought wrong, thankfully. This baby actually connects straight to your PC for two reasons.Firstly, it actually lights up to make it look even more badass when it’s sitting next to your rig, which is no doubt LED.

Firstly, it actually lights up to make it look even more badass when it’s sitting next to your rig, which is no doubt LED lit up to the teeth. Available in both red and blue, it’s sure to match with most modern gaming PCs out there – and don’t worry, it has a switch so you don’t have to constantly be lighting up your whole room.

The second reason you’ll be hooking up your mouse bungee cord holder is because it quite conveniently has four working USB ports built in. Need to charge your phone or MP3 player? No more reaching around to the back of your tower, which can be a real pain if you keep your PC on the floor, simply plug straight into the ports in front of you. This makes it surprisingly useful for students actually as you’re always using those really handy USB sticks for papers etc.

This is another great gift idea for that special someone who is building up their PC gaming arsenal for optimal play. Considering how low price this model is and how useful and convenient it is by nature, it’s no surprise this has made our best PC gaming accessories 2017 list.

Order the ENHANCE Mouse Bungee Cord Holder On Amazon

The Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard

Best PC Gaming Accessories 6Whoever out there lives for convenience and impressive tech will know exactly why the Logitech K400 wireless touch keyboard has made our best PC gaming accessories 2017 list. This keyboard is a must-have for those who want full PC functionality without having to be sat right up close to their desk. This aspect by itself makes it an attractive option, but wait there’s more.

This great wireless keyboard option works straight out of the box, you simply plug in a small receiver into one of your USB ports, perhaps one of the ports on your mouse bungee cord holder, and the keyboard takes care of the rest. If you’re running any modern windows operating system, Chrome OS, or Android 5.0 or later, you should be up and running in no time at all. Get the ability to fully and seamlessly use your PC from up to 33ft away with this sturdy 5.5 x 13.95-inch wireless gadget!

This useful accessory could literally come in handy for almost anyone with a computer, however, it is those who have their rig hooked up to a big fancy HDTV who will reap the most benefits from this keyboard. Forget having to hunch over a desk on an uncomfortable office swivel chair, instead lay back on your comfy couch or even bed with this fully functional keyboard and enjoy playing on the big screen without the use of a controller or joystick. You can even do work and surf the web with this thing while being at the other side of the room, basically anything you would normally do on your PC!

The layout and overall quality of this product make it a real winner. Firstly, you can forget all about having to buy an expensive wireless mouse as this keyboard has a completely built in responsive touchpad for easy pointing and scrolling – it measures at 3.5-inches across in total. Secondly, the QWERTY keyboard is laid out in a familiar format while also including plenty of easy-to-use shortcut keys without dropping any keys you might be fond of on a regular full keyboard. The overall comfort of this model cannot be understated, it’s even shaped on the underside to fit nicely on your lap; what more could you ask for?

According to the official specifications, this wireless keyboard can apparently run for 18 months before losing a charge – if you use it for an average of two hours a day. We know, as gamers, you’ll likely be using this keyboard every single day for hours at a time, so 18 months is likely out of the question. Still, despite this, lasting this length of time with minimal use should give you some good indications that this keyboard uses very little power and will still likely last you for the long term until requiring new batteries again.

Overall, the Logitech K400 wireless touch keyboard made our best PC gaming accessories 2017 list because of its high level of convenience for those who game on their TV, which from my experience, is a lot of you out there. Even for those who don’t normally play through their 40-inch TV, surely this keyboard would have come in useful for you at some point or another? And at such a low price considering what it allows you to do, can you really say no so easily?

Order the Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard On Amazon

The Atlantic Gaming Desk

Best PC Gaming Accessories 2The Atlantic gaming desk is one of our absolute favourites on our list of best PC gaming accessories 2017 – that’s why it’s an editor’s pick! Sure it’s nice to have a smooth and shiny mahogany wood desk that fits great in your room, but what if you had a desk actually designed and created for gaming? Sound too good to be true? That’s where you’re wrong.

Check this awesome desk out. Literally, every design choice on this behemoth was made for the hardcore gamer who wants to have access to and optimise the performance of everything from their LCD computer monitor to their array of handy gadgets like smartphones and tablets. There are so many features on this thing that it would take us forever to go into detail on all of them. Instead, we’ll do the best we can with the space we have and we still think you’ll be blown away.

First and foremost, the sturdy structure of this desk means not only can it stay strongly in place, it also has multiple surfaces for all of your important pieces of tech and your other accessories. We count as follows; a main desk surface which can fit your mouse and keyboard as well as your laptop, a higher up surface to make your PC monitor visible at all times, an underside drawer for books and papers, a shelf for devices which works as a charging dock, side surfaces to hold your speakers, and a stand to hold cases and joypads. Think of all the possibilities! And we didn’t even mention the cup holder on the side… I don’t think we have to say too much more about how convenient and simply awesome the structure of this gaming desk is, it really does blow the mind.

Getting into the more nitty-gritty details, the Atlantic gaming desk actually has its legs shaped in such a way that you can feed all of your cables through for easy and efficient cable management. No more trouble untangling hordes of unruly wires. The surfaces are as sturdy as they come, being made out of silver metallic steel and carbon fibre. Did we mention that there is a holder for your power strip on the back? Honestly, this gaming desk just keeps surprising us again and again.

This is the perfect investment, or even gift, for a serious gamer who is looking for the most convenient and gaming-centered setup possible. We’ve never even seen a desk of this nature, never mind something that could compete with it. All of a regular gamer’s needs have been taken care of here and we think the design team certainly deserve a pat on the back and a job well done. This gaming desk paired with a comfy PC gaming chair would be a dream come true for most PC gamers – live the dream, order that desk, we mean it!

I don’t think we need to go into any further detail as to why this gaming desk takes one of the highest regarded spots on our best PC gaming accessories 2017 list – it most definitely is an impressive piece of furniture. If you do decide to get one for yourself, please feel free to make us feel extremely jealous in the comments section.

Order the Atlantic Gaming Desk On Amazon

The Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard

Best PC Gaming Accessories 4Now, this is one of the products in our best PC gaming accessories 2017 list that is not only ridiculously useful for video games requiring a lot of different controls and functions, it’s actually also useful for many types of work. The consensus in reviews for the Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard is that it’s popular with those who play complex MMORPG’s and those who work using complex software which benefits from having tons of shortcuts.

The way this gameboard works is by offering you around 20 different programmable keys which you can bind certain actions and key-combinations to. Even sequences and the like can be programmed to be activated with one simple key press. Remember those times you had to do 5 different 3-key combinations to perform an attack, activate a defense buff, drink a potion, and use your special ability? Forget that, do it with one or two gameboard key presses.

You may be thinking: That sounds useful and all, but is that really all there is to it? In short, not at all. You see, one stand-out feature of this gameboard compared to other alternatives is that this one features a built-in LCD screen which can be customised to suit the game you’re playing or the work you are carrying out. That means that it can actually keep track of things like inventory space, experience/health points, player chat, server info, and much, much more. To make things even easier for you, there is actually built-in profiles for a number of popular video games already so you literally don’t even have to lift a finger. Some built-in profiles include World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Shadows of Angmar.

The design of the gamepad itself is ideal for gamers in two main ways. Firstly, the pad itself is contoured in such a way that fits the natural curvature of the hand, meaning you won’t be straining your fingers and wrist trying to hit shortcut keys during playtime. The other handy feature of the gamepad’s design is that keys can be configured to have different-coloured backlights – a simple addition which will allow you to easily remember which keys do what in each profile. You could keep it simple and keep all your keys purple for World of Warcraft and all your keys red for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Another way you could take advantage of this feature is by making offensive keys red and healing/buffing keys green; it’s all down to how you want to structure things.

We think it’s worth giving some credence to the idea that some PC users might see a gameboard like this one and see more potential in using it with software like Adobe Photoshop and Fruity Loops Studio. With the almost unlimited amount of tools and functions within modern day creation software, it’s easy to see why the creative type might find use with something like the Logitech G13 Programmable Keyboard. What’s more is that you would be able to use the multiple profile slots this product offers to use with all different kinds of software if you happen to be more of a jack-of-all-trades. While we focus on video games here at Gung-ho! Gaming, we definitely recommend this piece of tech for work, even though this list is focused on the best PC gaming accessories 2017.

The Microsoft Xbox One Wired Controller

Best PC Gaming Accessories 1The wired Xbox One controller is perhaps an obvious yet surprising addition to our list of the best PC gaming accessories 2017. While it may not stand out as that unique amongst all the other useful devices we’ve covered so far, it cannot be understated how widespread Microsoft’s controllers are among the PC gaming community, as well as how reliable they tend to be when it comes to PC gamepads.

Whether you were ever an Original Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One player at all in the past or not, most would agree that the controller design for these consoles is well-balanced and suits most games where controllers are permitted – notably not RTS games for that matter. PC players of well-known titles such as Dark Souls and Grand Theft Auto V will likely know the extreme convenience a controller like this can sometimes offer when it comes to certain video games.

One of the great things Microsoft did when they designed their controller is that they made the input a simple USB – which, by the way, is the main reason why it makes our best PC gaming accessories 2017 list. Unlike Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft made it easy for us PC gamers to pick up one of their controllers and plug ‘n’ play with minimal fuss, likely because they were still trying to push Games for Windows Live at that point. With this in mind, we’ll tell you why we think this is the number one choice of controller for pretty much all PC gamers out there.

Apart from the familiarity of the layout and USB input, the Xbox controller is genuinely comfortable to hold, has all the necessary buttons you would need to play most titles these days, and it’s 100% genuine quality. We can tell you from experience that these controllers last for the long term if you treat them right. I personally still have the very controller I received bundled with the Xbox 360 Core system when it first released! And that was a number of years ago now… It’s really hard to fault Microsoft’s controller pad and I genuinely think there is no better alternative at a decently priced level.

Another big advantage for PC gamers when they buy an Xbox controller is that most games on the Steam marketplace that feature controller support are configured, and often tested, with an Xbox pad in mind. This means that most controller-supported games will naturally map to the button layout of this type of controller, a real convenience for play if you ask me.

Order the Microsoft Wired Xbox Controller On Amazon

The Sades SA902 Wired PC Gaming Headset

Best PC Gaming Accessories 8Every PC gamer worth their salt should have a dedicated PC gaming headset so they can not only communicate with teammates but trash-talk the enemy team as well. Joking aside, not even joking really, it’s also a terrific headset for hearing even the quietest footsteps and groans which can give you a great advantage in online multiplayer games which require finesse. More of a lone wolf on single player? This is still a perfect option as you will know better than anyone that a game’s soundtrack can draw you into the game’s own living and breathing world.

It really doesn’t matter what type of player you are as just about everyone wants to be able to hear the media they are trying to enjoy in as much intensity and clarity as possible. Whether you’re getting immersed in the adrenaline-pumping music that plays on the main menu screen of The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim or want to hear every bit of the action in a match of Overwatch, the Sades SA902 Wired PC Gaming headset will do the job, which is why it has made our best PC gaming accessories 2017 list.

Rocking a whole host of useful features, this flagship-killer headphone delivers includes noise canceling over the ear speakers, cushioned and adjustable inner workings, and a convenient USB output that will work with most operating systems, from Windows 10 to the latest Mac OS. The earphones themselves have been built with a surround-sound experience in mind, meaning they were constructed so that you can hear different aspects of your environment as if they were really all around you. This is very important for most gamers who look for immersion in the video games they play.

Naturally, the Sades SA902 wired PC gaming headset also includes a microphone so you can use all kinds of voice chat online, be it on Discord or in matchmaking lobbies. The microphone itself is made using the industry standard parts which feature in most top of the line headsets for PC’s these days, meaning you don’t have to worry about any crackling or bad quality audio. It’s always handy to have a decent microphone around as you never know when you may need one for something other than gaming, such as Skype calls, recording lectures, or even for commentary while making Let’s Play videos for Youtube.

One particular thing we really like about this headset is how awesome it looks. With its smooth black and grey design and touch of LED lighting, this affordable headset looks like something that would fit in well with even an expensive Alienware desktop computer. We think that darker colours tend to always be the safer bet when buying PC gaming accessories as most rigs tend to be on this colour scheme, and even if they aren’t, these shades often still fit in with any colour scheme. Remember to check out the options when you buy this headset online as it is also available with neon blue LED lighting!

Looking for a quality PC gaming headset that looks great and will last you for the long term? This may just be the one for you – or for a friend or family member as a gift!

Order the Sades SA902 PC Gaming Headset On Amazon

The Logitech 963290-0403 Pro Joystick

Best PC Gaming Accessories 10Perhaps you’re a flight simulator junkie looking for their fix; perhaps you’re into more retro games you used to play when you were young; or perhaps you just love joysticks dammit. Either way, we have the perfect solution to your ills, the Logitech 963290-0403 Pro Joystick. This joystick not only performs like some of the best joysticks out there, it’s also not gonna burn a hole in your pocket. These two reasons combined with the fact that it has terrific functionality and a long-lifetime make it a no-brainer to add to our best PC gaming accessories 2017 list.

Enter the Logitech 963290-0403 Pro Joystick and its many glamorous features. This favourite offers a hat switch that can move in eight directions, a trigger than can initiate rapid fire, and twelve buttons to give you full control of whatever video games you are playing. This is all packaged together nicely in a sleek and smooth black and silver classic joystick format that we all know and love. You could argue that this joystick, in particular, does not change up much from the originals we were used to back in the 70’s and 80’s, however, I have just two things to counter with. Number one, is that such a bad thing? Many of us want exactly the format we were used to back in the good ol’ days. Number two, it is different!

The biggest difference between this awesome joystick is that it won’t break after a week of use like the other old joysticks we used to play video games with. This design takes the classic joystick, adds a little more functionality, a touch of pizazz, and a whole lot of quality and hardiness. Value-for-money comes to mind when we look over this accessory, it’s low price combined with its sturdiness means you won’t have to replace for a long, long time. This is something you want out of a high-quality gaming joystick, something that will stand the test of time even when you’re rattling it all over the place trying to land your spaceship after a battle!

One of the very best things about this joystick, and a big reason why it made it into our best PC gaming accessories 2017 list, is that it is fully customisable. What we mean here is that you can easily customised what buttons perform what actions so that you can build your own personal configuration for whatever games you are playing. Whether it’s an aeroplane you’re piloting to safety or you’re plodding around in an old Atari classic, you can do it your way with this joystick.

One thing we would like to stress about buying joysticks online is that many people falsely believe that you have to pay a fortune to buy a good quality joystick nowadays. This probably comes from the fact that it is a more retro item now that isn’t produced as widely as it used to be. Don’t fall for this elitism though, there are plenty of top-tier gaming joysticks out there that do the job and do it well without the hefty price tag – like the Logitech 963290-0403 Pro Joystick.

Order the Logitech 963290-0403 Pro Joystick On Amazon

That about rounds up our list of best PC gaming accessories 2017; we’ve looked at some of the best PC gaming accessories we could find with the hope of finding something to suit everyone. We at Gung-ho! Gaming hope that you found something nifty to add to your setup, whether it was a something small like a headset holder or something that completely changes your gaming experience like a whole new desk!

Still got a hunger for more hardware? Then check out our list of Best Budget PC Gaming Monitors 2017 for a real good deal on a new shiny screen for your battlestation. Looking to buy more games than anything else? We hear you, take a look at our list of the Best Upcoming Xbox One Games 2017!

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