What is the Best GPU for Cryptocurrency Mining?

Finding the best GPU for cryptocurrency mining is not such an easy task when we consider how much the average person actually knows about PC hardware. Combine that thought with the fact that significantly fewer people even know about cryptocurrency then identifying the best GPU for cryptocurrency mining becomes an even trickier task.

Whether you’re planning on mining one of the big boy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, or opting for one of the more alternative options, like Monero or Ark or Peercoin, you’re going to need a machine built for the task. That means understanding the aspects of graphics cards that matter when running a machine at full-power, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you’re here to get a quick list of the best GPU for cryptocurrency mining without all the jargon and explanation to go along with it, you can find this below:

Now, if you want to go a little more in detail, you can continue reading. We’re going to cover a few topics in addition to our list of top-buys. What GPU specifications matter in a cryptocurrency mining rig? How many GPU do you need? What kind of environment should my mining rig be running in? How much electricity will I have to pay for? And how much can I expect to make mining cryptocurrency? These are all questions we will touch on.

But before we go answering your burning questions, let’s take a closer look at our list of best GPU for cryptocurrency mining.

AMD RX 580

best gpu for cryptocurrency miningThe 3 things which are generally considered most important when choosing a GPU for cryptocurrency mining are as follows: hashes per second (measured in Mh/s), electricity usage (measured in Watts), and price (which, of course, is measured in dollars). The aim of the game is to get hashes per second up as high as possible while keeping electricity usage and price as low as possible – something the AMD RX 580 does very well.

In terms of hashing, this particular model can be overclocked to the max in order to hit a maximum of 29Mh/s. That’s 29,000,000 hashes performed every single second. If you’re looking for high performance, this is one of the better cards to go with that won’t break your bank.

Electricity usage is also impressive compared to other models as the AMD RX will sap around 135 Watts of power while it works away. Different models will differ on this figure slightly, but generally speaking, this number will stay the same. When you consider how well this card can perform under the right conditions, its hash rate versus power usage is actually really good value.

We recommend going with the 8GB version if possible as the 4GB version will naturally mine slower, especially as cryptocurrency value increases over the next few years.

When thinking about price, the AMD RX 580 is one of the cheaper options, so it really does work out for those buying a GPU for cryptocurrency mining on more of a budget. While the price may differ depending on the version and seller, you can expect to pay around the $360 range. Feel free to check out how much they are selling for at the moment before we move onto our next card.

Nvidia GTX 1070 – Top Pick!

best gpu for cryptocurrency miningMoving away from AMD and onto Nvidia, there are also a number of GPU for cryptocurrency mining which are high-performance and not too expensive – like the Nvidia GTX 1070. This card is our favourite so far and you’ll soon see why.

The Nvidia GTX 1070 offers slightly more power than the previous card we looked at; boasting an overclocked hash rate of 30Mh/s, you could be one of the fastest cryptocurrency miners getting involved at the moment with this thing. The increased performance will ensure that you are mining at a consistently good rate, however, this is certainly not this GPU’s only advantage.

The Nvidia GTX 1070 mines at a faster rate than the AMD RX 580 and even uses less power! That’s right, this card will only use around 100 Watts of power while mining, 35 less than the previous card. If you’re looking for an optimised maximum output which uses the least amount of energy, the Nvidia GTX 1070 is the one for you.

This, however, brings us to the one fly in ointment about the Nvidia GTX 1070 – it is a little more expensive to buy. As we said previously, the version of the card you buy will shake the price around a little, but the cost is usually around $440, which really, is not that bad. Considering the performance you can expect, the price is actually very reasonable – take a look at what the current price is right now to see for yourself.

AMD RX 480

best gpu for cryptocurrency miningIt might be rather obvious, but the AMD RX 480 is the older model version of the AMD RX 480. Don’t let this put you off though, this card, while more difficult to find, is just as good and sometimes performs even better than its newer counterpart.

Clocking in at around at a 29Mh/s hash, performance is more or less the same as the AMD RX 580. If overclocked correctly, it is known to be able to overcome this. You might be wondering why we don’t just recommend this version over the newer one, well, consider power usage and price.

The AMD RX 480 uses around 140 Watts when mining, which is the highest power usage stat of all the cards we’ve looked at so far. If you don’t mind the higher electricity usage for the potential for even higher performance, this may be the right GPU for your needs.

Once again though, we come to the problem of price. While still not considered ridiculously expensive, because gamers consider this an “old” card, production has since ceased of the AMD RX 480. This means that stocks are relatively low in the new market, and we don’t recommend buying used. Right now it seems like this card will set you back around $460 but you will have to check it out regularly to find out what price it is selling for at this exact moment.

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

best gpu for cryptocurrency miningOur final contender for best GPU for cryptocurrency mining is the ever-fawned upon Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti – otherwise known as the “Titan”. This behemoth is known for its power in gaming rigs, so you can imagine how this card performs when mining coins.

Not shying away from its processing power, the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti can get around a hash rate of 32Mh/s, beating the others we have in the list by a small but still significant margin. There’s a reason they call this card the “Titan”, this is one of them. If you’re building a mining rig and you only care about raw power, this may be just the GPU you have been looking for.

Where you will see some sacrifices with this card is with electricity usage. You can imagine your energy bill might be a little more weighty using this card compared to others on our list because the “Titan” comes in at a whopping 250 Watts. If you’re on a budget in your cryptocurrency mining venture, you might want to consider something other than a Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti for your first time around.

Similarly, the price is another potential pitfall with this card. Almost any PC gamer would kill to have one of these, so would many miners. With this in mind, the common price tag of $820 is steep but unsurprising. But, if you’re serious about getting into this game and going big, this card is a real winner. Price tends to fluctuate with this popular card so check retailers often for the best prices.

It would not be difficult to say that, right now at least, the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti is the best GPU for cryptocurrency mining.

Common Questions Concerning Cryptocurrency Mining

How Many GPU Should I Buy?

Rigs created just for cryptocurrency mining can go anywhere from 1 GPU to over 14! So you really do have some choice when it comes to building your own. Naturally, the more beefy your system, the more output you’re going to get from it.

As a starting point, we recommend at least starting with 6 GPU in total. This sound excessive but in the world of cryptocurrency mining, this is just the beginning.

Once you’re a little more experienced in how the whole process works and are comfortable with mining as a venture, you may decide to build something adventurous like a 14 GPU mining rig! Either way, build what you want to build – we would not recommend going below 6 GPU for cryptocurrency mining, however.

How Should I Keep my GPU Cool?

If you’ve ever seen a cryptocurrency mining rig, you’ll most often see that they are bare with no case to speak of. Here’s an example below:

GPU for cryptocurrency mining

If you’re building your own, you won’t be using a case like a regular PC gaming desktop. Instead, you will need to purchase, or build, a frame from which you can hoist your hardware. Using a case will trap too much heat and you risk creating a fire hazard.

Some miners even choose to point external fans at their exposed rigs to keep temperatures down, so you can see that you are free to get a little creative with the process. Either way, ensure all components are spaced out as much as possible with fans working at full capacity.

How Much Electricity Will my Rig Use?

It really just depends on how much wattage your combined cards require and the power supply you install. We recommend ensuring that you invest in a reliable and efficient power supply to get the most out for your GPU for mining cryptocurrency possible. A better power supply equals more power for less actual electricity usage. Just be sure to pay your, potentially high, electricity bills on time!

How Much Cash Will I Make?

It’s difficult to say as there are many different factors at play. What GPU for cryptocurrency mining have you chosen to use? How many GPU do you working for you? Which cryptocurrency are you trying to mine? Are you part of a mining pool group? Is the currency in flux right now? Is it high or low value?

By considering some of the questions above, you’ll get a better idea of how much money you could be making from this kind of venture. Even when you have answers to all the questions above, it is still very far from a guaranteed payoff. Consider searching through and reading other people’s experiences with it in the current year and you may find it to be more or less than what you originally expected.

Should I Invest in GPU for Cryptocurrency Mining?

Does this venture still sound like something you want to be a part of? Well, if you have the will and the capital in mind, why not give it a try?

Cryptocurrency is still a small bubble right now, most people aren’t even aware of its capabilities yet. That’s what makes it the perfect time to get involved and enjoy the benefits of being an early adopter.

If you end up buying a high-end GPU for cryptocurrency mining, please share your own experiences with us and dispel any myths that may be holding people back from making some real gains. The cryptocurrency craze is still just growing and growing with each passing day, so get involved before everyone else does!

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