How to Save Even More Money on PC Games – Gamer’s Guide

As PC gamers, we already save plenty of cash by not being on console, however, we’re going to look at how to save money on PC games – even more money that is.

Some of these methods are already obvious to many, even then though, it’s worth giving these tips a read. You might just find a way to get that title you’ve been eyeing up for months at a much cheaper price!

Save Money on PC Games – It’s Usually Easy

The great thing about knowing how to save money on PC games is that you don’t have to shop around the usual suspects to find a deal. Gone are the days of checking corporate giants like Amazon, Gamestop, and Gamestation and comparing them like-for-like.


Now we have a good set of quickly accessible tools and trusted sources to get PC games at an absolute steal. With that in mind, let’s begin with one of the most common ways to save money on PC games.

Use the Steam Wishlist

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If you’re part of the 99.9% of the PC gaming population who uses Steam, you should be using the Steam Wishlist.

How it Works

Not only does it keep all the PC games you’re interested in on your radar, it does you one better. The wishlist sends you a notification whenever one of the games on your wishlist is on sale.


How many times have you been chatting with a friend and you say something along the lines of “Oh yeah, I remember getting the new Warhammer game a few months back for about $20.” Then someone chimes in with “You paid that much!? I got it for $5 a couple of weeks ago.” I don’t think I need to tell you how infuriating that is to hear.

Thankfully, the Steam Wishlist always lets you know when a game goes on sale, via email or the Steam app, so you’ll never miss a bargain ever again.

Check Out Humble Bundle

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If you haven’t already, you should check out Humble Bundle asap. Not only do they offer a number of great bundles at ridiculously low prices, the money goes to worthy causes.

How It Works

Humble Bundle bring out a selection of new games every week or so. These bundles tend to have 3 different tiers, each of which you unlock by paying a certain amount.

This is great because you might just find that all the PC games you want are within the first tier – that means you can pay as little as $1 and get multiple awesome titles.


At other times, you might be feeling particularly generous and shell out above the average price. This gets you all the games in every tier and sometimes even bonus gifts! Remember that you’ll also be contributing to a good cause which can range anywhere from Doctors Without Borders to the WWF.

It’s also worth noting that Humble Bundle allows you to move sliders to determine how much of your payment goes to different sources. These are usually the chosen charity, the game developers, and the people who run Humble Bundle. A handy feature if you ask us.

Check Out Alternative Game Vendors

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Steam might seem to have a monopoly on PC gaming, for the most part at least. However, just because we all want Steam keys doesn’t mean we have to buy those keys directly from them.


A lot of the time you will find that buying Steam keys from different vendors will net you some cash savings.

Where to Look

If you’re willing to do your due diligence and spend a little time checking some legitimate gaming vendor websites, you’re sure to find a deal somewhere. Just make sure you get a Steam key for your purchase if this is something that bothers you.

*It’s worth noting that while G2A can be a great place to get deals on steam keys, some question the legitimacy of some of their keys. Be sure to do some reading before buying to make up your own mind on whether to use them or not.

Try Trading Instead of Buying

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Don’t have the money to actually make a purchase? Have duplicate game keys laying around that you don’t need? Put these to use and get something you want!

How it Works

There are plenty of discussion boards, such as those on Reddit and in the Steam Community, where people trade keys. Traders often get reviews, testimonials, and ratings to show their legitimacy, so you’ll easily get to know who is making honest trades and who isn’t.


With the above in mind, all you usually have to do is either one of two things, these are:

  • Find a traders’ thread who is advertising what games they want and what games they have to offer. Message them and strike up a deal.
  • Create your own thread with your own lists of wants and offers, then just wait for the trade offers to come in via private message.

It’s as easy as that. Just make sure you know who you are making deals with, otherwise, you could potentially lose a key if something were to go wrong.

Become a “Patient Gamer”

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This probably isn’t the kind of answer you’re looking for if you want to know how to save money on PC games, but it’s true. Why not wait until the game naturally gets lower in price? It’s usually a failsafe plan (as long as you’re not trying to buy anything from EA or Activision).

How it Works

Literally, do nothing. Do this for a while. Then check Steam, or any the other alternative game vendors we mentioned earlier, for lower prices.


There’s even a small subreddit for people who do this – some of them don’t become patient gamers just for financial reasons. This can be a great way to get an idea of what games people are playing that came out a few years ago, right now.

Get Yourself a Bargain Next Time

We hope these basic tips help you save some cash the next time you plan on buying a new, or old, PC game.

There’s usually no reason to be paying more for your games, so make sure you’re not paying more than you should.

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