FIFA 18 vs PES 18: Which is Better?

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FIFA and PES are the biggest rivals in video games world. How many times have you played PES or FIFA with your friends and when someone loses says that this game is not good and that other one is better? But if you try to play both and research all features both games have you will find out which one is better.

I think that both are great games but PES is better in gameplay, mods and playing with friends. On the other hand, FIFA is better in singleplayer mode.

Game Mechanics

Every year PES improves the most important part of the football video games and that is gameplay. It is very important how your players react to games, how the pass from on to other player is going, and what aspects you need to take when shooting on goal.

It is important to see how other players move in the game when you are attacking or when you are in defence. Also, most important part is goalkeeper and how he reacts when someone shoots or gives a long pass and similar situations. If you want a game that will actually make you spend 90 minutes on the actual pitch than PES is game for you.


On the other hand, FIFA puts a lot of effort in presentation and definitely beats PES on that field. That is not something new because last 10 years FIFA constantly has a better presentation. When you navigate through PES menus it feels like you are still playing on PES 3.

Also audio is yet another aspect that is obviously very important to FIFA. FIFA really works on the atmosphere of the match. That is something you can see by how fans and commentators sound in the game. I hope that PES will improve audio features in 2019 because I think a lot of players turn off sounds because it is really bad.

Game Modes

When it comes to modes, both games made some great progress and every mode is interesting in its own way. FIFA didn’t work much on changes but they made some changes in negotiations. PES has, on the other hand, decided to return Random Selection Mode form Pro Evo 6.

This mode is very interesting because you have teams with players from all the world and then you can decide which one you want to protect and which you want to take from your friend’s team. Also, in Master league, PES made some positive changes in menu navigation and transfer negotiations.

Each to their Own Preference

After all, I understand why people are saying that PES is better and has quality gameplay but if you want just enjoy playing video games it is normal to prefer FIFA. It is hard to find a winner but in the end, most of hard FIFA fans always will buy FIFA and PES fans are more likely to pick FIFA.

Mark is a big fan of foosball and he played foosball as professional for few years. Today he has websites about foosball, foosball tables, guides, tricks, tips, parts and other related to foosball. Also, he loves to play PES and FIFA in his free time, so he decided to write one article about his experience in football video games.

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