The Best Real-time Strategy Games for PC in 2018

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Real-time Strategy (shorten as RTS) is the subgenre of Strategy video games, where players position and maneuvre structures and units under their control to protect the areas of the map and struggle to destroy the assets of opponents. In the traditional RTS, the player is possible to establish additional structures and units during the game’s course and features base-building, resource gathering, technology development and control of units.

The screen is split into a map, showing the world and terrain of the game, and an interface overlay consisting of production and command controls and often a minimap, overview of the entire map. The player can usually play the game from an isometric perspective, use the mouse to scroll the screen and issue commands to his troops.

Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer (also known as C&C) is an RTS video game franchise, developed by Westwood Studios. The series needs the player to build the base and gather resources to fund the ongoing units of different types of forces with which to assault and dominate the base of the opponent. There are several factions and units are available, the player selects his favourite one to progress in-game. In Multiplayer campaign, players compete against each other for glory, resources, and territory.

Age of Empires III

Age of Empire III focuses on RTS genre, offered by Ensemble Studios. It portrays the European colonization, between 1492 and 1876 AD, and comes with fourteen civilizations to play within the game. Players start the game with a built town and effort to explore the map, collect resources and use them to establish additional structures and units to research advanced technologies and upgrades. The player can perform certain actions such as train units, kill the enemy units, construct buildings, etc. to earn experience points.

Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander, developed by Gas Powered Games is a Real-time Strategy (RTS) video game, considered to be a successor to Total Annihilation, released in 1997 by Tailor. The gameplay is focused on using the massive mech known as Armored Command Unit (ACU) to construct a base, then upgrading the units, researching advanced technologies, and dominating the opponents. In-game, the player can command one of three factions such as The Cybran Nation, the Aeon Illuminate, or the United Earth Federation. The mech suits can be used to transport through quantum gateways around the galaxy and comprise the blueprints, ibet789, and materials need to establish the thirty-seven-century army from the native resources of the planet in hours.

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes takes place during the WWII (World War II) and comprises two playable factions such as Axis and Allied. The player selects his one of two factions with an aim to capture resource sectors situated across the map, which the player uses to build base structures, create new units and defeat the enemies. Players must struggle to take control of specific points on the map to acquire resources. During the gameplay, the player gathers three resources such as munitions, manpower, and fuel.

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