About GHG


We’d like to formally welcome you to Gung-ho! Gaming, the next big thing in providing gamers with useful info on video games, hardware, and accessories.

Gung-ho! Gaming is a mutant mish-mash of a video game comparison website, it’ll cover a many topics under the video game and hardware/accessories umbrella, including:

  • New video game releases.
  • Old video game classics.
  • Video game comparisons.
  • The best deals on computer hardware.
  • The latest useful accessories.
  • and the occasional top 10 list.

Gung-ho! Gaming was created by a gamer based in Scotland who had too much time on his hands and so decided to work on a side project while not at work. The site is still in its young infancy, but with a little TLC throughout 2017, we hope to make Gung-ho! Gaming a known and trusted brand for exclusive and quality video game content.

Keep watching this space and be sure to bookmark us so you don’t accidentally miss out on our latest batches of content. You can also Like Gung-ho! Gaming on Facebook and/or follow us @RealGH_Gaming on Twitter so you never miss a post.

We’re also always looking for budding enthusiasts who want to write for us about almost anything gaming or hardware-related – if this sounds like you then please visit our Writing For Us page for guidance on writing and submitting. We’re even cooking up a tasty deal where you could earn royalties by writing for us, so keep us in mind!

In the meantime, if you have any burning questions, bombshell ideas, constructive suggestions, or passive-aggressive comments, let us know in the contact form below and we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP. We read every email so you can be sure you’ll get a personal response from a human every time.